Online course design & development

When you’re ready to move on from “good enough”, we’re here to take you to the next level.

Our goal isn’t to simply make your courses look pretty - although that’s definitely part of it...

There’s a much bigger purpose behind what we do.

It’s to create a business asset that positions our clients as industry leaders…

It’s to leverage the power of psychology and design to create learning experiences that skyrocket customer success rates…

It’s to strategically guide users along the customer’s journey resulting in higher customer lifetime value and bottom line profits.

It’s ultimately about impacting lives on every continent through education and ultimately making the world a better place.



Our courses are developed on WordPress using LearnDash LMS and your choice of Memberium or Memberpess membership plugin. This tech stack provides complete flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs as your business scales and new opportunities arise.

Every project begins with our core membership development package. This includes everything you need to be up and running with one course and is completed within 3 weeks.

With the foundation complete, there are many ways  to enhance the experience with advanced functionality and gamification.

Core Membership Package Investment


Pages Included
  1. Login Page
  2. Password Reset
  3. Programs Page
  4. Course Library
  5. Course Homepage
  6. Module Template
  7. Lesson Template
  8. Account/Profile
  9. Notes
  10. Resources
  11. Support/Contact
  12. Account/Profile
  13. Quiz/Assignment Templates
  14. Suspended Access
  15. Access Not Yet Released
  16. Billing

If you are utilizing Infusionsoft or Active Campaign the following three campaigns are included within the core package. These campaigns help to streamline and simplify any administrative tasks.



  1. Corporate Licensing
  2. Certification Programs
  3. Gamification
  4. Credit System
  5. Unlocking Bonuses
  6. Internal Training Platforms



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Next Level


Use the project calculator to estimate the cost of your project or view the course development by clicking the buttons below. 

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Formula For Success

We focus on three fundamental building blocks that lead to maximum results for both our clients and their customers: design psychology, and a profit maximizing strategy.

Design + Psychological Triggers = Higher Customer Results
Higher Customer Results = Increased CLV + Increase Demand
(A.K.A. More $$$)
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