Designed for course creators who aren’t
willing to settle for
merely “Good Enough”.

Designed for course creators who aren’t willing to settle for merely
“Good Enough”.

Say goodbye to cookie cutter templates & limited functionality.
Position yourself as a leader within your industry with our beautifully designed, ready to launch, fully developed WordPress Membership Site designed built to scale.
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Position yourself as a leader within your industry with our beautifully designed, ready to launch, fully developed WordPress Membership Site designed built to scale.
Say goodbye to cookie cutter templates & limited functionality.

You didn't come this far to ONLY come this far.

Every late night, every rewritten module, every obstacle you smashed through – you’ve invested more than just time into your course – you’ve invested a piece of your soul.

You know your course has the potential to transform not just your life but those of your customers and the lives they touch with what they’ve learned from you.

So let's be honest: your course deserves more.

It deserves the designer label that truly reflects the value it provides, not to be mistaken for a budget-bin knockoff.

Love it or hate it - LOOKS MATTER.

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about the message it sends.

In today’s highly competitive digital era, the way you present yourself online is a reflection to your level of authority and directly impacts the perceived value and success of your programs.

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To take things to the next level, you need more than just content—

You need a platform that amplifies your voice, showcases your expertise, and engages your audience from the get-go.

But here’s the dilemma...

You’ve outgrown the capabilities of third-party platforms.

The limited functionality, one-size-fits-all approach, and cookie cutter designs are drowning you in a sea of sameness.

You know you need to up your game but hiring an agency for custom design feels like a financial fantasy, and the thought of venturing into WordPress’s technical abyss on your own?

Thanks, but no thanks.

It might feel like your stuck between a rock and a hard place.

But what if you didn't have to compromise?

What if there was a solution that was the best of both worlds—where the ease of implementation and the beauty of bespoke design not only coexist but thrive together.

A solution that was flexible, built for growth, and elevated the perceived value of your programs, positioning you as a leader within your industry.

A solution that didn't force you to choose between Simplicity and Sophistication.


Course Creation Blitz

Transform your vision into a vivid reality that reflects your expertise, radiates your passion, and elevates your authority.

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With a decade of experience under our belts working with industry giants such as Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, (yeah, we’re name-dropping, but when you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?), we’ve earned our reputation as the go-to agency for designing premium online courses.

Our clients programs have not only generated hundreds of millions of dollars, they’ve also touched the lives of tens of thousands across the globe.

Now we're handing you the master key to our proven framework.

Course Creation Blitz was created to bridge the gap between DIY uncertainty and the expense of custom design.

Think of it as your shortcut to a professional, beautifully designed online course platform. You’ll receive an exact replica of our WordPress membership site built with the same caliber design and functionality as our private clients at a fraction of the cost.

All that’s left to do is simply link your payment processor and update your course content, colors, and fonts.  In a couple of hours, you can have your site personalized and ready to welcome customers.

Whether you're ready to upgrade from third-party platforms, launching your first course with a bang, or simply prefer doing things yourself or with your team, Course Creation Blitz is the turnkey solution.

Forget about settling for mediocre designs, limited functionality, tech nightmares, or breaking the bank.

We’re here to help you take control of your content, feel confident in the way you show up online, and get back to focusing on sharing your expertise with the world.

How Course Creation Blitz catapults you to the next level...

Elevate Your Authority & Brand Presence

Where your expertise meets exceptional design at the same caliber as our private clients courses that are generating millions and impacting tens of thousands of lives. It’s designed to put you on the same trajectory without the $15,000+ custom development price tag.

Simplify with Effortless Content Management

Forget the back-end complexities. Our platform transforms how you update and manage your course with an intuitive front-end content updater. This simplicity empowers anyone on your team, regardless of their technical skills, to update content effortlessly, just like filling out a form or editing a simple spreadsheet.

Customization Without Limits

Unleash your brand’s unique visual identity with unmatched customization options. Break away from the cookie-cutter designs of third-party platforms; allowing every aspect of your course reflects the exceptional value you deliver.

Own your platform & Gain Operational Independence
Free yourself from the limitations and ongoing costs of third-party platforms. Own your content, dictate your experience, and never look back. It’s your course, your rules.
Designed for Growth & Scalability

Built on the robust foundation of WordPress, a platform you own, offering unparalleled freedom and scalability. Whether you’re launching new courses, expanding your content, or pivoting your strategy, our solution grows with you. This is where your long-term vision becomes attainable, providing the tools and flexibility to innovate without constraints.

Developed with a premium tech stack that’s built to scale

Combining WordPress for its flexibility, Elementor for drag-and-drop design simplicity, and MemberPress or Memberium for advanced membership management, all integrated seamlessly with LearnDash LMS for an unmatched learning experience.

Maximize Impact & Revenue
When your course delivers on its promises, the results speak for themselves. Happy customers don’t just return – they become your most effective marketing tool, sharing their success and referring others. Enhance content consumption and foster exceptional outcomes, leading to increased customer lifetime value and a significant boost to your bottom line
Increase Engagement & Completion Rates
Elevate your students’ learning journey with a platform designed using the best e-learning practices. Our courses don’t just impart knowledge; they engage, interact, and inspire. From intuitive navigation to compelling layouts, we’ve created an environment where your content isn’t just consumed—it’s experienced. This leads to improved results, higher satisfaction, and a community of raving fans.
Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Design that makes a statement

20 Professionally designed Pages

Modeled after our most successful clients courses that generate tens of millions of dollars

Completely Customizable

Say hello to design freedom and goodbye to boring cookie-cutter templates

Streamlined content creation & management

Our custom front-end spreadsheet editor and forms empower anyone on your team to create new content or make changes without ever touching the back end – no coding required.

Premium plugins totaling $635 in Value

Course Creation Blitz includes a one-year license to all premium plugins with an option to renew for only $99.

Course Home Dark 4
One Click Design Swap

Change the entire layout and style of a page directly from the front-end form.

Drag & Drop Editor

No coding required – Drag-and-drop content on a page and watch your website come to life with Elementor page builder

Built with LearnDash LMS

The most trusted WordPress learning management system that engages learners and increases revenue.

Stunning Design on any screen size

Our designs are completely mobile responsive so you always look your best.

How it Works

Receive admin access to your new membership site within 48 hours (usually less) and you’ll be ready to rock’n’roll!

Step 1
Prep your course content

Gain instant access to our Notion course planner template designed to keep your content organized and streamline the entire process.

Step 2
 Update Your Course Content

With our custom front-end spreadsheet editor, updating your course content on the membership site is as easy as copy and paste.

Step 3
Customize your colors & fonts

Control colors and fonts globally. Set a style and adjust it across your entire website in one click.

Step 4
Connect Your Payment Account

Connect your payment account and update the price of your course start and you’re ready to start selling!

Step 5
Launch & Celebrate!

Pop the champagne, pump up the music and do your happy dance! You’re ready to share the new home for your online empire with the world.

Effortless Content Management

Transform the entire look and feel of your pages with just one click.
Lesson Light
Lesson Dark
Module Light
Module Dark
dark theme
Save countless hours with the front-end sheet editor. Batch create and update content in less than a minute.
dark theme

20 Page Templates

Light and dark theme designs included.

Plus a one-year license to $635 worth of premium plugins.

LearnDash logo black
memberpress logo light theme
Elementor Logo Full Pink
admin columns
gravity forms logo horizontal 744 1
acf logo
Page Templates
  • Login
  • Programs
  • Members Dashboard
  • Bonuses
  • Support
  • Thank You
  • Account
  • Terms + Privacy Policy
  • Order Form
  • Coming Soon
  • Access Restricted
Theme Templates
  • Module
  • Module V2
  • Module Dark Theme
  • Lesson
  • Lesson V2
  • Lesson Dark Theme
  • Quiz
  • Internal Page
  • Access Notification

Next Level Bonuses

ccb notion

Bonus One

The Course Creation Blitz Notion Planner

Unlock the secret weapon behind the success of our private clients: the Course Creation Blitz Notion Planner.

This isn’t just a planning tool; it’s your comprehensive project management ally, designed to bring order and clarity to the chaos of course creation.

With databases mirroring the WordPress update process, this planner allows you to effortlessly transfer your perfectly organized content directly into your course, enabling you to launch or update entire courses in minutes.

Simplified Planning: Quickly outline and organize every component of your course content in the intuitive Notion template.

Effortless Updates: With our custom front-end spreadsheet editor, transferring updates from Notion to your membership site is as simple as copy and paste.

Transform your course outlining and content updates into a breeze, making course creation smoother and faster than ever.

Bonus Two

Fill in the Blank Sales Page Template

Elevate your course with our Fill-in-the-blank Sales Masterpiece, an Elementor sales page template that’s not just beautiful—it’s a conversion engine.

Think of it as a Mad Lib for your sales strategy, complete with prompts that guide you through crafting compelling copy.

Paired with our innovative Sales Page GPT, this bonus empowers you to leverage AI in fine-tuning your message, ensuring your sales page resonates with your audience and converts.

Tailor-Made for Conversion: Crafted with the best copywriting and conversion tactics to turn visitors into students.

Easy Customization: Sections designed for simplicity—just fill in the blanks to match your unique course and brand.

Save Thousands: Get a premium, long-form sales page without the premium price tag or the wait.

Unlock the door to higher conversions with a sales page that blends beauty with strategy, specifically designed to amplify your course sales.

mkh laptop
Get paid for taking selfies

Bonus Three

Implementation Zoom Call

Personalized Guidance to Perfect Your Platform

Gain direct access to an Exclusive Live Implementation Workshop with Megan. This interactive Zoom call offers hands-on support and answers to your pressing questions, ensuring your membership site shines.

Live Support:
Stuck or need clarification? Get real-time assistance and walk through the update process with confidence.

Flexible Access: Use this golden ticket to expert guidance when it suits you best—there’s no rush, ensuring it fits perfectly into your course creation timeline.

Leverage expert insights and live support to streamline your course setup, making the path to launch smoother and more intuitive.

Bonus Four

AI Image Creation Mastery

Dive into the future of course design with our exclusive AI Image Creation Mastery training — your shortcut to producing brand-consistent, engaging visuals at the speed of thought.

Time-Saving Techniques: Learn how to generate high-quality, relevant images in minutes, transforming the look and feel of your course.

Brand Consistency: Master the art of creating visuals that are not just captivating but perfectly aligned with your brand’s aesthetic.

Elevated Engagement: Stand out with unique, on-brand imagery that enhances learning and captures your audience’s attention.

Maintain a consistent and beautiful visual style across your course with AI-generated imagery that aligns perfectly with your brand identity.


Here’s everything you get when you purchase...

  • Professionally designed and developed, fully responsive, ready to launch, premium WordPress Membership Site built with Elementor page builder, LearnDash LMS, & Memberpress Membership Plugin
  • 20 beautifully designed page templates
  • All the bells and whistles of a $$$ custom membership site that’s optimized for online learning best practices
  • Front-end content editor system
  • Instant access to the Notion Course Planner Template
  • One-year license for premium plugins, valued at $635 (this is the total cost if purchased separately today), with an exclusive renewal option at just $149 – ensuring savings year after year.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through every step
  • Conversion optimized premium sales page template with fill-in-the-blank sections
  • Built-in Internal Team Training Platform
  • AI Course Imagery Mastery Training
  • Zoom implementation workshop
  • Access to our Course Creation Blitz exclusive Facebook community
laptop studio

100% Risk Free

Trade in confusion & overwhelm for clarity, confidence, & success.

Course Creation Blitz

Premium WordPress Membership Site
  • Professionally Designed Membership Site: Fully responsive, built with Elementor, LearnDash LMS, & MemberPress
  • 20 Stunning Page Templates
  • Instant Access to Notion Course Planner Template
  • One-Year License for Premium Plugins: Valued at $635
  • Training Library: Step-by-step video tutorials guiding you through the entire process
  • Conversion-Optimized Sales Page Template with Fill-in-the-blank sections
  • Internal Team Training Platform
  • AI Course Imagery Mastery Training
  • Zoom Implementation Workshop
  • Exclusive Facebook Community Access

Money Back


I understand the leap of faith it takes to invest in your course's future and I want you to feel 100% confident about investing in this system.

That’s why I’m offering a complete 14-day money-back guarantee.

If, for any reason, Course Creation Blitz does not meet your expectations within the first 14 days of your purchase, we will refund your investment in full. No hoops to jump through, no lengthy processes—just a straightforward, hassle-free guarantee because your satisfaction and success are what matter most to us.

Whether it’s the customization capabilities, the ease of use, or the potential to elevate your course that sparked your interest, I want you to feel secure in your decision. This guarantee is my way of ensuring that you can experience the full benefits of Course Creation Blitz with absolute peace of mind.

Invest in your course’s future with confidence. Let Course Creation Blitz be the catalyst for your online course’s transformation, risk-free.

But I know you’re going to LOVE it 🙂

Hey there!

I'm Megan.

An entrepreneur, speaker, personal development fanatic, and extreme dog lover.


I’m a Florida native with a passion for helping entrepreneurs like you transform their expertise into beautiful, profitable online courses and programs.

For the past decade, my digital agency has been a trusted partner for powerhouses like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Ryan Levesque, crafting online courses that have not only generated hundreds of millions of dollars but have also made a profound difference in tens of thousands of lives. 

My mission? To help you elevate your influence, scale your business, and make a bigger impact by giving you the strategy and tools to share your expertise with the world.

Through years of refining and perfecting, my team and I have distilled our expertise into something truly special: Course Creation Blitz. This isn’t just about handing over a template; it’s the bridge between the course you have and the course you’ve always dreamt of.

One that not only increases your confidence, but also cements your position as an authority in your field and enhances your customers’ outcomes.


Whether you’re launching your first course or elevating an existing one, Course Creation Blitz is designed to make your course stand out as a testament to your expertise and a masterpiece of design.

This program is the culmination of 10 years of learning, testing, refining, and obsessing over how to make the course creation process as easy and effective as possible.  I’ve infused Course Creation Blitz with everything I know about creating impactful online courses, all to help you expand your reach and positively affect more lives.

Because in the end, the true measure of online courses is the legacies they help build—yours, your students’, and those they touch with what they’ve learned from you.

So, if you’re ready to leave a mark, to transform not just your life but those of your customers and beyond, let’s do this together. It’s time to shine and turn your wisdom, experience, and knowledge into your greatest gift to the world.

Together, we’ll ensure your course is not just a product but a pivotal moment for your brand and for everyone it reaches.

Onwards & Upwards,


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to trade in confusion and overwhelm for clarity, confidence, and success.

CCB is designed with simplicity in mind. We provide detailed step-by-step guides and video tutorials to walk you through every step of the process. Plus, the implementation call is a great opportunity to get help along with the private Facebook group. No prior tech expertise is required to make your course look professional and beautiful.

While it’s true that free templates exist, CCB offers a premium, fully-customizable solution tailored specifically for online courses. Our template is not just about aesthetic appeal; it’s built to enhance user engagement and learning outcomes, free options simply don’t match.

We’re here to support you! Our team is always ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We’re committed to helping you succeed in creating your online course.

Absolutely. By providing a more engaging and professionally designed course experience, you’re likely to see increased student satisfaction, higher completion rates, and more referrals. These factors directly contribute to higher revenue, not to mention the time and cost you save in the long run by using our efficient, easy-to-manage solution.

It’s fantastic that your course is successful! CCB is here to take that success to the next level. In a constantly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead means continually enhancing your offering. Our membership site ensures your course stands out in a crowded market, providing an even greater value to your students and setting you up as a leader in your field.

Yes, flexibility is at the heart of CCB. Our template is designed to be fully adaptable to your brand and course content. Whether you’re looking to expand, streamline, or simply elevate your course’s.

CCB is ideal for course creators who already have their program created and are looking to significantly enhance their course’s presentation, engagement, and overall student experience. Whether you’re aiming to refresh an existing course or launch a new one with a bang, CCB is your go-to solution.

Unlike generic templates, CCB offers a premium, customizable solution specifically designed for online courses. It combines professional design with strategic user experience enhancements to boost engagement and learning outcomes. Additionally, CCB includes unique features like the Notion Planner and exclusive community support, setting it apart from other offerings.

Your purchase grants you lifetime access to the CCB materials and templates. Additionally, you’ll enjoy ongoing access to our exclusive community ensuring you have the support you need as your course grows and evolves.

Still have questions? Let’s talk! Click the button below to schedule a call.

100% Risk Free

Trade in confusion & overwhelm for clarity, confidence, & success.

Course Creation Blitz

Premium WordPress Membership Site
  • Professionally Designed Membership Site: Fully responsive, built with Elementor, LearnDash LMS, & MemberPress
  • 20 Stunning Page Templates
  • Instant Access to Notion Course Planner Template
  • One-Year License for Premium Plugins: Valued at $635
  • Training Library: Step-by-step video tutorials guiding you through the entire process
  • Conversion-Optimized Sales Page Template with Fill-in-the-blank sections
  • Internal Team Training Platform
  • AI Course Imagery Mastery Training
  • Zoom Implementation Workshop
  • Exclusive Facebook Community Access

If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give CCB a 14-day risk-free shot if any of the following resonates:

You've come too far to only come this far

You’re so close you can taste it and you’re not willing to let a subpar platform undermine the credibility and professionalism you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Course Creation Blitz is the key to unlocking your course’s full potential, elevating the perceived value of your online course, positioning you as a leader within your industry.

You realize that time is our most precious asset.

In a world where every second counts, the promise of a system that not only conserves time but multiplies it a game-changer.

You’re more than willing to spend a fraction of your time and resources now to reclaim countless hours in the future.

Course Creation Blitz embodies this principle, streamlining the course creation process to such an extent that delegation becomes not just possible, but effortless. With the step-by-step training and front-end content manager anyone on your team can update content with ease.

You're all in, ready to adapt and thrive.

With technology and AI coming at us in full force, the ability to adapt and evolve with the tech landscape isn’t optional—it’s survival.

You’re ready to break-free from the constraints of third-party platforms and embrace a technology that gives you the freedom to evolve with the technological tides.

The idea of having complete control over your content and being able to seamlessly integrate new tools and technologies not only excites you, it’s your ticket to peace of mind.

CCB isn’t merely a tool for today’s success; it’s your launchpad for future growth. By ensuring your course platform is as adaptable, flexible, and agile as you are, CCB sets you up not just to ride the wave but to lead the charge into tomorrow’s digital frontier.