Online Program & Course Development

Learn how to turn your expertise into a highly profitable online course!


AI Course Master Plan


Leverage Chat GPT to create transformative online courses faster and easier than ever before. 

The AI Course Masterplan is the only implementation tool of its kind that not only guides you step-by-step in creating your online course with the power of AI — but also helps you plan, manage, and streamline the entire process.

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Online Courses Academy

$799 - $1,999

Online Courses Academy is a complete step-by-step implementation program for planning, creating, and launching an online course… and includes EVERYTHING you need to build your membership site.

Perfect lessons Slides


Organize your thoughts and create your lessons slides in a fraction of the amount of time. The Perfect Lesson Slide Deck Template guides you through exactly what slides you need to include in your lessons, ensures your content has a high perceived value because it’s presented beautifully and professionally, and saves you from wasting days trying to do it yourself.

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Course makeover program

Online Course Makeover

A 5 day virtual workshop and customizable templates to create your brand guide for your online course. Having a consistent design for your worksheets, lesson slides, graphics, and imagery is what makes your course look pro!

Online Course Alchemy

Let’s begin a journey together to demystify the process of getting your unique genius out of your head and into a course that opens up a whole new world of opportunity to you. Just in the past year, my clients courses and programs have generated over $65 million. Regardless of the industry or content, they each follow the same structure – one that separates the pros from the amateurs.

Course Alchemy Program