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Renew Physical Therapy Online Course Design

Isa Herrera
Renew Physical Therapy
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About the Project

Isa Herrera’s mission is to help women live a pain free life and transform their painful pelvic pain into a manageable thing of the past. Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, the author of Ending Female Pain,
A Woman’s Manual, 2nd Edition, and the owner of NYC based Renew Physical Therapy, a holistic healing and wellness center where for over 10 years she has successfully treated thousands of women suffering from pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.
We worked closely with Isa to create a course in which women can begin to heal their pelvic pain immediately, in the comfort of their own home.
Women who weren’t able to meet with Isa in person were able to feel as though she was coaching them one-on-one through video trainings, assesments, resources and private facebook groups.

Client Projects

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