Creating a Real Business Strategy for your Online Course – Part 1, Selling Video Written Digest Today’s episode is part one of a three-part series on the real business model behind profitable online courses. I want to take you behind the scenes and dive deep into the strategy behind the most profitable online courses. Just like everything in life, there’s a lot that you don’t see when it comes to these “overnight …

Megan Harrison 10 Irrefutable Laws of Online Course Creation

10 Irrefutable Laws of Online Course Creation

The better you validate your idea, the more success you’ll see. You need to be certain that there’s a viable market for your program and that people are willing to pay for it. The reason why people are willing to pay premium prices for online courses is because they want to expedite the process of getting from where they are …

Courts Creation Organizational Chart

Clarity is power… what a true statement! Especially when it comes to creating and launching your online course. When you know what you’re getting yourself into ahead of time, rather than being completely caught off guard by all the things you didn’t know that you didn’t know, you can plan accordingly. One of the reasons why planning to create and launch …

The 4 Phases of a Launch

Regardless of what launch strategy you use, whether it be a Jeff Walker style 4 part free video series, a webinar launch, or a 5-day challenge, there are typically 4 main phases of launching your online course. Each phase of a launch has different goals and they all work together to create a cohesive and successful course launch. Click below …

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How To Create Your Online Course Offer Strategy

The way you position your offer is a big determinant of the success of your launch. It also gives you the opportunity to substantially increase your profit margins by strategically offering a VIP version, upsells, down-sells and bonuses.

megan harrison 5 ways to market online course

5 Ways To Market Your Online Course

One of the biggest fears people have about creating an online course is the thought of creating this amazing program, pouring your heart and soul into building it, and then when it comes to launch day… NO SALES! Putting all that time and effort into something so near and dear to your heart, only to have no one see it …

personal branding megan harrison

Personal Branding

RESPECT. INFLUENCE. SUCCESS. We all want it and are working relentlessly to achieve it but what does it take to breakthrough? Attention is the hottest commodity in business and as an entrepreneur its our job to claim it. Ironically in todays over-connected world the thing that people want most is genuine connection. Personal branding is what enables people to become more connected with your brand name, build a relationship based on shared values and get behind the purpose of your business.