10 Awesome Memberium Features That Will Take Your Online Course To The Next Level
I’m constantly testing and refining new ideas for myself and my client’s courses and always trying out the latest software and tools. Today I want to share the platform I couldn’t live without and 10 ways you can use it to take your course to the next level.

We can all pretty much agree that the benefits of having a successful online course are substantial. When you have a product that can be sold over and over again without requiring you to invest any additional time it's a whole new ballgame.

This is one of the reasons why the market is becoming more and more competitive - everyone wants to get their piece of the pie. So as the landscape continues to change, it's important to look for ways to set yourself apart and implement a strategy that sets you up for success.

I'm constantly testing and refining new ideas for myself and my client's courses and always trying out the latest software and tools. Today I want to share the platform I couldn't live without and 10 ways you can use it to take your course to the next level.

Let's dive into the powerful features of Memberium membership plugin. I've included an example of how we've used each feature in one of our client's online courses.

  1. Unlocking bonuses
  2. Managing declined payments
  3. Buddypress sync
  4. Increase sales by reminding users what they don't have
  5. Drip content
  6. Evergreen promotions
  7. One click upsells within your membership site
  8. Advanced segmentation with actionset buttons
  9. Personalization
  10. Award points

1. Unlock Bonuses to Increase Engagement

The most successful online courses are the ones that deliver on their promise and produce results for their customers. For this to be possible, you have to ensure your customers actually consume the content and implement what you teach (sometimes easier said than done).

Therefore, as a course creator, it's your job to incorporate ways to increase the likelihood that your customers follow through and adding bonuses to your course is a very effective way of doing this.

How It Works

When the user completes certain actions, such as watching video lessons or downloading worksheets, their account will be tagged. Once the user has all the tags required the bonus will be "unlocked" and they'll be able to access the content.

A Memberium shortcode is used to control which image and link is displayed based on the logged in user’s tags.

Different images and links are displayed based on the users tags.

2. Easily Manage Declined Payments

There's no doubt about it, offering a payment plan option for your online course will significantly increase your sales. However, if you don't have a system in place to automate managing declined payments, suspending access and updating expired credit cards, payment plans can turn into a complete nightmare.

That's why I consider this to be one of the most valuable features of Memberium.

How It Works

In Infusionsoft you will need to set up a billing automation trigger that applies a specific tag to the account and sends the user an email asking them to update their credit card when an automated payment declines.

This tag will temporarily suspend access to the course and redirect the user to a page where they can update their credit card. As soon as this is done and the payment is processed the tag will be removed and the users access will be restored automatically. It's like magic!


Memberium allows users to update their credit cards on their own, saving you a ton of time.

3. Buddypress and Infusionsoft Sync

Customer profiles are an absolute gold mine and more often than not, completely underutilized. There's a reason why Linkedin reminds you to update your profile everytime you log in. It's because that market data is priceless and can be used for advanced segmentation.

How It Works

Memberium has a built in Buddypress integration that allows you to sync the Buddypress fields with Infusionsoft. You can use Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields plugin to add additional custom fields to your Buddypress profiles. I can't overemphasize the value this feature provides!

Profiles are also a great way to increase engagement and build a community within your online course.


4. Increase Sales by Reminding Customers What They Don't Have

Let's face it... we all want what we can't have so it's time to use this to your advantage. If you have multiple products to sell to your customers (which you should), then displaying them in a course library is an excellent way to keep them on top of mind awareness.

How It Works

If the user has purchased a product the course will be "unlocked" and will link to the course homepage. If they haven't purchased it, the course library will display a locked image. When a user clicks on the locked image, it will redirect them to the sales page or a waitlist page if your course isn't currently open for enrollment.

Display different images based on user tags


Like I mentioned earlier, your number one priority should be delivering on your promise and helping your customers get the best results. When people are learning something new, especially if it’s complex or involves changing habits, it’s important that the new information really sinks in and they have the opportunity to apply it.

If your customers go on a content consumption binge and try to watch 20 videos in one sitting, they most likely aren’t going to retain anything. Therefore, sometimes it’s best to control the learners progression by releasing one module per week and Memberium makes it easy to do just that even if the course is evergreen.

How It Works

Access to every page within your membership site is controlled by tags. If you want to drip content after a specified period of time you would require the user to have a specific tag in order to access the page. If the user does not have this tag and clicks on the module, you can have them redirected to a page like the one below.

You will need to set up an Infusionsoft campaign and use delay timers to apply the tags to the users account at the right time.

6. Evergreen Promotions

When you're able to put selling on auto-pilot that's when you'll really see your business start to soar. However, evergreen funnels can be pretty tricky. Luckily, Memberium can help with that.

How It Works

When a user is in an Infusionsoft campaign with an evergreen offer they will be tagged when the cart is open. You can set it up so that this tag controls which images they see in the sidebar and only show the "enroll now" images when the offer is available to them. You can also add in scarcity by displaying a different image when the cart is almost closed like the example below.


7. One Click Upsells Within Your Membership Site

One of the biggest reasons behind Amazon's massive success is that they make it so easy to buy. Instead of fumbling around with trying to type in credit card numbers and lines of text, your order is complete with the simple click of a button.

So doesn't it make sense to model one of the most successful companies on the planet? By using Memberium's one click upsell feature you can do just that.

How It Works

Memberium's "actionset buttons" allow you to trigger a campaign or action set when a button is clicked if the user is logged into the membership site. This makes is super easy for your customers to upgrade their membership level or purchase additional courses. Once the button is clicked it will trigger an order, the credit card on file will be charged, and the required tags will be added to the users account which allows them to access the protected content.


8. Advanced Segmentation with Actionset Buttons

This powerful capability utilizes the same feature as the one click upsells in #7 but with a different purpose. I've used this strategy for myself and multiple clients and it works amazingly well.

How It Works

  1. Create a free membership level and use it as a lead magent to grow your email list and attract your ideal customers.
  2. Identify three different segments of your audience and create content specifically for each segment
  3. Use actionset buttons to apply a tag to the users account when they click on specific pieces of content
  4. This allows you to filter them into different campaigns based on their interests.

The example below shows this in action. The photographer's toolkit is the free membership level and contains resources and training on different photography categories. If a user clicks on the newborn photography content it's safe to bet that they are interested in this topic. The "newborn interest" tag is then applied to their account.


9. Personalization

This is another ninja trick. One of my clients owns a meal prep company and also offers courses on fitness. Because we want the user experience to resonate as much as possible with the customer we set up the page to have different themes based on whether they were male or female.

As you can see in the images below, we also displayed the user's name. Memberium allows you to display any information stored in the contacts Infusionsoft custom fields by using shortcodes for that specific custom field.


10. Award Points

Nothing increases engagement like some friendly competition and progress tracking. After all, what gets measured gets managed. Store the users points in an Infusionsoft custom field and display that number by using Memberium shortcodes.


I hope that sparked some new ideas for how you can take your course to the next level. And believe it or not, this is just the beginning. There are so many more features we use when designing and developing online courses for our clients that provide a truly unique experience.

If you really want to use the best technology stack for your course then combine the power of Infusionsoft, Memberium, LearnDash and PlusThis. We use these platforms with every course we create. You can see some recent examples on our portfolio.

***WORD OF CAUTION*** If you haven't completed a solid course outline or finished creating you course content then this really isn't the time to be thinking about the technology or advanced marketing strategies.

I only say this because I see so many people get sucked into trying to figure out all the intricate details instead of using that valuable time to actually create their course.

All too often this leads to overwhelm and causes the aspiring course creator to quit before they really even get started. If you need help with getting everything out of your head and into a course outline that's structured the right way then Online Courses Academy will be a lifesaver!

Want us to design and develop your online course? Click here to send me a message on Facebook messenger!

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