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Setting up for success



The purpose of the vision mapping meeting is to provide you with the most strategic plan of action to achieve your desired outcomes. We want your entire investment in the final project to be well utilized and for you to see the highest returns. This two hour virtuala meeting gives us the opportunity to get crystal clear on the requirements and overall objectives.
Step 1
Schedule Our Virtual Meeting
Once payment is submitted you will be directed to a scheduling page where you may choose a day and time that works best. The meeting will be held over Zoom and will be approximately two hours. You may invite anyone on your team that you would like to attend.
Step 2
Complete the Prep Work

After the meeting is scheduled you will receive a link to the vision mapping prep work for you to complete prior to our meeting.  Our team will also send you access to the database we will use during the meeting.

Step 3
Attend the Meeting

During the virtual meeting, we will map out the specific scope of your project.

Each project and team is unique so we like our meetings to flow organically and allow room for brainstorming and answering the questions that are important to you.

Our main focus will be identifying the project requirements and any specific functionality that is needed.

Based on this information and your budget and timeline we’ll be able to determine what tech stack will be needed to achieve the desired outcomes, the pages that need to be designed and developed, and whether we are the right fit.

Step 4
Review the Plan

A few days after our meeting we’ll provide you with a plan of action which includes a sitemap, requirements list, our recommendations, and the final scope of work with the estimated cost.

At the end of the session, you own the plans. We can then execute the plan for you, you can hire someone else to do it, or you can decide it’s not a worthwhile investment to move forward. Our goal is to bring clarity to this decision on how and when to execute the project.

If, in the end, you choose to have us execute the project for you, the $999 fee for the Vision Mapping session will be applied to the balance of the project.

Final Step
Create Something


For us, it’s not just about producing a membership site or training platform. Rather, it’s about designing a business asset that accelerates our client’s journey to the next level and allows them to make an impact on the world.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, but it’s the execution of that idea that differentiates the leaders from the dreamers. Congratulations on taking a step closer to turning your idea into a reality!