10 tips to maximize your ROI on Attending Live Events

There’s nothing that compares to the energy in a room when you bring together thousands of creative, ambitious, and like-minded people. But in order to receive the full benefits of attending, there’s some prep work needed and a few rules to follow that I’ve learned over the years and tens of thousands of dollars spent. So if you’re planning on attending an event in the near future, here are my 10 tips to ensure it’s a profitable trip…

Your Personal Strategic Plan for 2015

Keep each area of your life in harmony with this Personal Strategic Plan. Avoid the entrepreneurs trap of letting important areas of your life spiral out of control in the pursuit of building your empires! Make it a priority to set an objective for each area of your life thats important to you and review your progress on a regular basis.

Is Grit the Key to Success?

The study of success has always been fascinating to me. If we each possess the ability to accomplish greatness what causes some people to live a life of mediocrity while others surpass limits against all odds? Throughout my study of success strategies I have found a plethora of common characteristics among high achievers such as curiosity, love of learning, desire and passion, but there is one that stands out to me in almost every story…. GRIT.

Investing in Your Strengths Produces Amazing ROI

Success comes to those who have a deep understanding of their strengths and who find a way to maximize their natural abilities. I truly believe we all have our inner genius and its our mission to share it with the world! Use these 3 steps below to get started.