Tony Robbins' & Dean Graziosi's

Knowledge Business Blueprint

About the Project

For the last 5 months, I've had an amazing time helping Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi create a course that I truly believe can change the world!!!

Back in November I flew to Scottsdale for a Client Immersion Day to help unpack and structure their combined 62 years of experience in business and running masterminds into one epic course.

Since then there’s been months of wire-framing, design mockups, gamification strategy meetings, development, and user testing, and now the finished product is about to be unveiled! There's been so much thought and effort that has gone into the creation of this course... from the structure, to the premium design, to the gamification...

But most importantly, the content and software that goes along with it is going to revolutionize the world of education and create an entirely new business model that people like YOU and ME can use to take our businesses to a whole new level.


Our Role

A backstage pass to the making of The Knowledge Business Blueprint.
Instructional Design
Affiliate Program & Affiliate Membership Site
Site Architecture & Wireframing
Course Design
Course Development


Unlocking Bonuses
Credit System

Course Features

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