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Online Courses Academy is a complete step-by-step implementation program for planning, creating, and launching an online course… and includes EVERYTHING you need to build your membership site.
If you’re finally ready to take your business and life up a few levels (where the earning potential is unlimited and you’re no longer living your life sitting behind a computer) … Then it’s time to make it a reality. Together, we’ll turn your expertise into a highly profitable online course –
Using the exact same process and systems my company has used to help our clients, such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Ryan Levesque, generate over $50 million this year through their online courses and programs.

It’s a proven formula to save yourself from wasting months… or even years… of time, money and frustration trying to figure out everything on your own – allowing you to move forward with confidence and on your way to more time, freedom and influence.


become known as an expert and serve way more people than you could ever do when your business model is limited by how many hours you have in a day.

Not to mention the time and freedom that comes along with it.

But because the benefits are so attractive, the online course space has become hyper-competitive over the last few years.

More and more people everyday are trying to get their piece of the $129 BILLION online learning industry and it’s not slowing down.


I’m going to tell you the honest, hard-to-hear truth that most people don’t want to talk about…

The game has changed. Customers expect more and the industry has become very crowded and very saturated.

Ad costs are continuously rising and the market is experiencing “course fatigue” due to the never-ending stream of launches hitting their inbox and newsfeed on a daily basis.

But don’t lose hope yet…

There is still a time of money to be made selling online courses across virtually every industry and niche - but only if you avoid these three major mistakes…

Mistake One

An Incomplete Strategy

Because my entire company revolves around online course creation, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time studying what makes the best the best so I can model, experiment and improve upon these strategies for my private clients.

And what I’ve found is that while most course creators are struggling to make a few sales, there are many entrepreneurs across practically every industry bringing in 5, 6 and 7 figures EVERY time they launch and will continue to do so because they’ve created their course in a way that most (that fail) do not.

These course creators are among the top 1% and the rewards are massive. So what allows them to run circles around everyone else?

They have a complete strategy and excel in each of the core 6 elements of an online course. And in doing so…

  • Competition becomes irrelevant…
  • The demand for your course skyrockets…
  • People are happy to pay premium prices…
  • You position yourself as an authority within the industry…
When you know exactly what and how to implement each of these elements with intercourse it makes success virtually guaranteed.

Instead of wondering and hoping that all the work, time and money you’ve invested will pay off, you already KNOW it will.

This type of certainty is power.

But missing just one of these elements significantly decreases the likelihood that you’re going to see the results you want.

And while each element is vital, the most important (and most often done incorrectly) is the way your course is structured.

Which leads me to…

Mistake Two

Structuring your course the wrong way

See, people are more than happy to pay whatever price you set if you can expedite the process of getting them from where they are, to where they want to be with less headache and stress than they could on their own.

And since time is money, people are willing to pay for speed.

So the ones who win in this game are the ones who are able to produce results for their customers. However, results don’t happen just by learning something.

Can you think of a time when you knew what you needed to do to reach a result but yet you still didn’t do it? Getting in shape is an easy example we can all relate to because you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what needs to be done…

Eat well, exercise more, sleep better and drink a ton of water. And yet the majority of the population isn’t anywhere near their fitness goals.

So creating a course isn’t just about organizing information.

It’s about baking in the must-have elements that turn your course from “just another info product”…

…to a successful, profitable flagship course. Not only does your course need to be structured in a specific way that produces results,

But it also must incorporate key ingredients that leverage basic human psychology to motivate your customers to take action, retain what they learn and engage.

Because the only way your customers even have the chance of reaching the outcome your course is promising to deliver, is if they implement what you teach. Therefore, your course should be designed around actions rather than information.

The more you can get your customers to take action, the better their results will be, better results means higher demand for your course, and the increase in demand increases the value which allows you to increase the price.

So if you've ever wondered

Is my content good enough?

The answer really comes down to these two things…

Does your course promise a specific result?

What have you done to ensure your customers take action and implement what you teach?

Obviously, you can’t force someone to do something but with what I’ll teach you in Online Courses Academy, your user engagement and completion rate will be better than 90% of other courses out there (instructional design is one of my specialties).

And this is the first domino that set’s off a chain reaction of positive outcomes.

See, action leads to results and results encourage your customers to take more action. This consistent implementation leads to the achievement of the goal your course promised.

So your customers become your own little marketing army, spreading the word about what they were able to achieve after taking your program. And not only does the demand for your program begin to multiply, but your loyal customers are also ready and waiting to buy whatever you have to offer next.

And this is when the customer lifetime value makes a big impact on your bottom line.

Just imagine how it will feel to hear raving testimonials from your customers about how because of you, they were able to make a significant change in their life.

Imagine being recognized for your unique skills and the impact you’ve been able to make. Imagine being able to work completely in your zone of genius instead of taking on projects or clients you don’t want just because you need to pay the bills.

Imagine what type of effect this can have on your business, your life, and your relationships.

This is the mission behind Online Courses Academy, to be the first domino that leads to a richer, happier, more free version of you.
I'm so passionate about this because I've seen  the results and I know it works.
When I took a deeper look at what separated the successes from failures I realized there are

Five Levels of Online Courses.

By structuring content in a specific way and incorporating key elements within the program a course was transformed from a good to outstanding.

1) Regression -$
A course that causes overwhelm and confusion for various reasons such as information overload, disorganization, or poor quality content. This results in moving your customer further away from their goal rather than closer to it and devalues your credibility and the brand.
2) Information $0
We’re absolutely flooded with information. Everything you could ever want to know can be found out with a simple Google search. But here's the problem... it takes a ton of time and effort to sift through all this content and figure out what's good advice and what’s bs. And the sheer volume of information available leads to overwhelm without action. Therefore, a product that is essentially a compilation of information can be difficult to even give away for free.
3) Systemization $$
The next level up is a course that takes information and delivers it in a specific process, system or framework. Basically, it’s providing a method to the madness. This is much more valuable but it falls short by not giving customers the tools and resources to help make taking action easier.
4) Implementation $$$
The level three courses provide a systematic approach to achieving a result and encourage customers to take action on what is taught by providing resources such as worksheets and activities. When people have clarity on exactly what they need to do next they are far more likely to actually do it. After all, “complexity is the enemy of execution”.
5) Transformation $$$$$
The final and most valuable course is a program that inspires a transformation in the customer's life. This goes beyond learning a new concept or putting it into use. As a result of taking the course, the customer is able to make significant improvements in their life. These are the courses with the highest demand and people are happy to pay premium prices.
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Result Centered Training Formula

A framework that simplifies the process of getting everything out of your head and into a structure that delivers results. It’s a system that prevents course creators from making the most common profit-killing mistakes.


Our Clients


Our Clients


As you can see, there isn’t just one type of industry where online courses are successful.


As long as there’s a market with a problem you can solve, and you have the right framework and strategy to follow, it will work for you as well. The only thing left to do now is build it.

But there is that minor obstacle you have to overcome… TECHNOLOGY.

Which leads me to our last most common mistake…

Mistake Three



The feeling of severe anxiety associated with using anything technologically advanced
Common symptoms may include…
  • The feeling of dread or panic when you think about all the technology needed to get your course up and running.
  • The strong desire to throw your computer on the ground and smash it with a sledgehammer
  • Or analysis paralysis which leads to hours upon hours spent researching and a lack of execution due to the fear of making the wrong choice.
If you find that you show signs of this condition, then you may want to seek professional help – And that’s exactly what I’m here to provide you with today.

To give you a cure that will allow you to move forward with confidence so you can be on your way to more

time, freedom and influence.

Your membership site is the central hub of your course and brings everything to life. Therefore it should be built on a reliable platform that supports your business needs now and in the future. On top of that, the way it’s designed plays a big role in the perceived value.

So love it or hate it – looks do matter.

All too often I see entrepreneurs agonize over which systems to use, and end up opting for what they think is the “easier” option. Only to find out that “easy”really isn’t that easy when the systems don’t support your needs.

So in my opinion, it’s a much more strategic decision to build your course on a platform you own – a WordPress website.

Here are five reasons Why

1) Control
When you don't own the platform your course is built on you have no control over that system. Things can change at any time like monthly costs, transactions fees, integrations, design and layouts among others. When it comes to a valuable business asset, I like to maintain as much control as possible and you probably feel the same way.
2) Design
With 3rd party platforms what you see is pretty much what you get and you’re very limited with changes that can be made. When you create your course on WordPress using a theme with a drag-and-drop page builder, it’s extremely simple to design your course exactly how you want and you don’t have to use cookie cutter templates.
3) Integrations
As your business grows and new technology is released there is a high probability that your needs will change in the near future. When your course is built on WordPress you have extreme flexibility to integrate with whatever you need instead.
4) Transaction Fees
Third party platforms either charge high monthly fees or they charge a transaction fee. That means that every time you make a sale you have to pay a certain percentage to them on top of the 3% credit card fees. That starts to really add up.
5) Scalability & Customization
With WordPress you have the flexibility to easily add additional programs and revenue streams such as a recurring membership. This can significantly increase your customer lifetime value which is the holy grail of profitability. When you create your course on WordPress you have a platform that can grow with your business.
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And here's the great news... it's easier then ever before to create

When you see how easily and quickly you’ll be able to create a course with the same professionalism and level of design as the top players in the industry it’s going to feel like magic.

So even if all this tech stuff feels daunting, trust me when I say, you can do this!

Now, if you were trying to learn everything on your own, then yes that could be pretty difficult, but if you have someone that can walk you through the entire process that has already spent years doing this, it’s gonna be a piece of cake. It’s like if you were going to cook a new fancy dinner for the first time and you didn’t have a recipe and had no clue what the ingredients were, that could be a bit of a challenge.

BUT, if you had someone handing you the pre-portioned ingredients one at a time and walking you through the process step-by-step… now even I could do that. This is the same for you and the tech stuff.



After extensive market research, it was loud and clear that entrepreneurs were pleading for an all-inclusive solution for creating an online course.

And while there are other courses out there that teach you how to create a course the biggest complaint I’ve heard over and over was that the program just skimmed over the actual tech setup (which obviously is a very important piece).

So even after completing the course, they were still left in a tech nightmare.

At first I was so confused why all these courses on how to create a course just seemed to bypass the very thing that makes the course actually come together??? But after a little more digging, it made a lot more sense.

See, technology and software change constantly. New features are released, layout and designs change regularly, and all of a sudden that step-by-step video lesson that was made showing how to do something is completely outdated.


Well, it means they have to recreate the content again and again.

So it’s no wonder the tech is barely covered in these other programs. It’s just not worth their time.

Luckily for me, (and you) I have to recreate this training regardless because my agency designs courses day in and day out. Therefore, in order to onboard and train new employees, my tutorials can never be out of date.

Because of this, I’m able to go where others won’t…

The nitty-gritty step-by-step, so easy a caveman can do it, tech training.

My mission is simple… to help entrepreneurs become a richer, happier, sexier version of themselves by giving them the strategy and tools to build a better business model.

I truly believe that our level of success directly correlates to the amount of time we’re able to spend in our zone of genius. When your work is synonymous to your play, your productivity is at an all time high, your level of happiness skyrockets, and profits naturally follow suit.

Hustling will only get you so far. Instead, if you really want to take your business to the next level, you need to build in leverage.

This is why I’m so passionate about online courses. They’ve created an unprecedented opportunity to obtain financial freedom doing what you love and helping others change their lives for the better.

I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of entrepreneurs productize their expertise through my digital agency, online training courses, and live workshops and I’d love to help you as well.


A systematic approach to creating flagship online courses with professionally designed page templates that you can upload in a couple of clicks.

I’d be honored to be your coach throughout this course creation journey where we’ll work together to structure your course in a way that delivers results, create your content in a fraction of the time, breeze through the technology, and develop a launch strategy that brings in a flood of sales.

The Roadmap



Content Creation

The first phase of the course creation process is extracting all those years of wisdom and expertise and transforming it into a high quality course.

When you get this right and do this properly, you’re course will stand out from all the competition and deliver significant results to your customers.

Even if you’ve already created your course content, the strategies and frameworks you’ll learn throughout this program will allow you to take your course to the next level… from good to outstanding.

Irresistible Offer

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball to tell you if your course was going to be a success?

Has the fear of investing time, money and energy into creating a course only to find out that you can’t sell it kept you on the sidelines instead of taking action?

How motivated would you be if you knew with complete certainty exactly what your market was begging for you to create?

Most course creators completely bypass this step and it’s the reason why so many courses end up in a digital graveyard along with the precious weeks/months/years and small fortune that was wasted creating it.

I totally understand, it’s a legit fear, but when you do this right you’ll gain the ultimate competitive advantage – confidence, clarity, and momentum. Not to mention the foundation for creating a course that people can’t wait to buy.

By the end of this module, you’ll not only know if your course is a winner, you’ll also know how to position your program so it stands out from all the others and virtually guarantees success.

The work we do here comes full circle because it will be the cornerstone of your launch strategy as well. Every part of the workflow that I’ve designed for you is done with purpose. The intent is to create the highest quality program in the shortest period of time.

  • Discover the biggest opportunities in your market and validate your idea before you invest time, money, and energy into it.
  • Raise your authority status.
  • Uncover the exact language your potential customers are using and reflect it back to them in your sales copy.
  • Identify additional content you should include in your course that will make it irresistible.
  • Turn your competition into a competitive advantage instead of a threat.
  • Build a content database that becomes priceless and is used to craft your entire launch strategy.

Outline & Structure

  • Deep dive into the Result Centered Training Formula: A 7-step framework for how to get everything out of your head and structured in a strategic way that produces results.
  • What your course absolutely must promise in order to sell
  • A simple formula to craft the perfect pricing strategy that maximizes your bottom line.
  • A mindset tweak that will turn overwhelm into creativity and insights
  • The pro’s and con’s of an evergreen and live course and how to know which one is best for you.
  • The 4 delivery formats for your course and what format is best for your specific content and audience

Content Creation

  • Creating your course content in a fraction of the amount of time (without sacrificing quality)
  • The strategy behind what makes amazing worksheets and step-by-step training on how to design beautiful, professional PDFs.
  • The key slides you should include in every lesson
  • A surefire formula that allows you to deliver your content in a smooth, clear and concise way.
  • Step-by-step training on how to create your slides using Keynote and Powerpoint (plus a slide deck template!)
  • My favorite strategies for making scripting your videos so much faster (and a lot less painful of a process)
  • Filming, Editing & Hosting Your Videos – Step-by-step training on how to film, edit and host your videos. Plus how to make them more engaging and professional.
  • Tech resource guide with the exact equipment I use to create my content.

Membership Site

This is where the magic happens! In this phase you’re able to bring your course to life and create a product to share with the world through your membership site. Throughout this phase we’ll eliminate the technology nightmares and make it cave-man simple. Seriously… it’s step by step all the way through. We’ll cover how to create your course using LearnDash and Memberium (for Infusionsoft users) or Memberpress (for non-Infusionsoft users). The sections include:

Building Your Membership Site

Setting up WordPress

In this module we’ll get your WordPress website, hosting, domain, and theme all setup! 

Creating your course in LearnDash

In this module we’ll set up your course in LearnDash. LearnDash is the most trusted WordPress LMS plugin that allows you to easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more!

By using LearnDash you have access to the latest online learning industry trends for creating programs that stand out from all the competition.

Protecting Your Content with a Membership Plugin

Learn how to use Memberpress or Memberium membership plugins to protect your course content, create as many courses as you want, drip content, and so much more!

Designing Your Course

During this section, we’ll upload the professionally designed course pages and customize them to match your unique brand. Plus join me for weekly office hours and we can do it together – (nothing could be easier than that!)

You’ll receive 8 professionally designed page templates for your course that can be customized with a few clicks.

Sales Strategy

Now for the ROI. In this phase we’ll focus on ensuring you see the rewards from all your efforts. By the time you work through the sections within this phase you’ll have a clear rock-solid game-plan for building your audience and moving them through the buyers journey in a specific way that maximizes customer lifetime value.

Rockstar affiliates

Therefore, the ones that do have a massive advantage over the competition.
  • How to meet, connect with and partner with (almost) anyone in the internet marketing community
  • The perfect commission percentage to attract high-quality affiliates and get them excited to promote.
  • Why you need an affiliate partner members area, what to include and the step-by-step training on how to set it up.
  • Includes your affiliate program software and step-by-step training on how to get everything up and running.

The most successful affiliate programs make promoting super simple by having everything that’s needed in one place. Not only does this make running your affiliate program super simple, but it also establishes trust with your affiliates because its a sign that you have a well-planned launch.

The course includes your affiliate program software and step-by-step training on how to get everything up and running.

Sales & Offer Strategy

But in order to do this, you need a strategically implemented system that moves prospects through the customer journey.

Bypass the frustration and expense of trial and error and learn the core campaigns you need to get your course out into the world in a big way.

This campaign package is the result of years of experience studying, testing, and refining launch strategies for our private clients. Each campaign has a specific set of objectives and is tied to one of the four phases of a launch.

  • Pre-Pre-Launch – The secret to building anticipation and segmenting your audience before the pre-launch.
  • The exact steps and content needed for your pre-pre-launch.
  • Discover the three most effective launch strategies and which is right for your course.
  • How to execute the famous “Jeff Walker Style” free video series launch.
  • A complete timeline and listing of all the emails that should be sent during your pre-launch (this alone is worth the price of the entire course)
  • How to drastically increase the revenue from your launch with your offer strategy.
  • The real psychology behind why you must include a VIP version of your program

The most profitable launches do not rely on one core offer to drive revenue. By strategically defining bonuses, fast-acting bonuses, surprise bonuses, a VIP option, upsells and downsells you will not only significantly increase conversions but also the average customer spend which plays a big part in your bottom line.



Bonus One
Course Page Templates

In order to provide a superior user experience, I truly believe that design plays a big role. In addition, it drastically affects the perceived value of your course. If you look like a pro, you can charge like a pro and people will be happy to pay because the quality justifies the price point.

I can’t begin to explain how valuable these templates will be to you and just how much time they will save you. These pages are structured in a specific way that is ideal for instructional design and are modeled after multi-million dollar courses.

[the_grid name=”Showcase OCA Templates”]

Bonus Two
GET A 1-YEAR LICENSE to every theme & plugin you need (Over $870 in value)!

This isn’t an inflated price. This is what you will actually pay if you purchase these plugins on your own. The best part is that you’ll continue to save each year with the option to renew your licenses for an extremely discounted price of $199.

Bonus Three
Complete Project Management System

Ever wish there was someone to tell you EXACTLY what to do step-by-step? The implementation boot-camp outlines every single step of the process in a downloadable PDF, a digital checklist, as well as a check list next to each lesson!

(Included with every program)

Bonus Four

There’s no reason to start anything from scratch… it’s a waste of time!That’s why I’ve provided you with worksheet templates, website page templates, slide templates, script outlines and so many other resources so you always have a starting point that’s 10 steps ahead.

The slide deck has been specifically deigned for the perfect lesson flow so that your content is delivered in a clear and engaging way. Each slide outlines what you should include so it really expedites the process.

The worksheet template pack contains 6 types of worksheet that can be easily be customized to match your brand. The templates types include a checklist, short answer reflection questions, step-by-step guide and more!

(Included with Phase 1 program)

Bonus Five
Copy masterclass

Presented by Ryan Schwartz
Copywriting plays a huge role in the success of your course and Ryan Shwartz is truly one of the best in the game. He has been the man behind numerous multi-million dollar launches including Amy Porterfield’s Courses as well as Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year.

During this masterclass you’ll discover…

  • How to create a pre-launch email sequence that has customers rushing to order.
  • The most powerful email in your entire pre-launch sequence that is often completely underutilized.
  • How to use email to get inside your readers psyche (and exactly what to say to persuade them to buy)
  • Secret strategies to coach your customers to the sale
  • A simple system to make writing emails easy and natural
(Included with Phase 1 purchase)

How It


All modules included in the program you purchase will be available to you immediately. The course videos, worksheets and resources are all provided in a private members area.

All modules included in the program you purchase will be available to you immediately. The course videos, worksheets and resources are all provided in a private members area.

There are three program options that are structured around the three phases of the course creation process. The best option for you depends on where you are in the course creation process.

Online Courses Academy Complete (Best Value)

This program is best for people who want full access to each phase and all additional bonuses.

Phase 1: Course Master Plan

This option is best for those who are just starting out with the course creation process and want to take things one step at a time.

It is also may be best for those who do not need the technology or launch phases but would like to take their course to the next level by improving the structure and producing higher quality, engaging content.

Phase 2: Course Creation Blitz

For those who are very confident with their course content and structure and are ready to create their membership site!

Each module contains several video lessons, worksheets and assignments. Every video lesson also contains a checklist with the exact action steps you should take after completing that lesson. Simply click on the button and mark off what you’ve completed so you always know exactly what you need to do next.

The entire site displays perfectly on any screen size so you can participate from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

We’ve also incorporated points and badges to encourage some friendly competition and keep you motivated and on track!


Sometimes concepts need to be talked through… or are better transferred through live communication. That’s why I’m including live office hour sessions so you never feel stuck or alone throughout this process.

Plus you’ll receive access to the private Facebook community where, you’ll not only receive support from me, but also from a community of entrepreneurs who are all working towards the same goal.

With a few clicks of a of a mouse you’ll be able to unlock all the guidance you could ever want.


Business and Life?

Option 1: Try to figure it all out on your own
Option 1: Try to figure it all out on your own

But when you look at the cost, what is that really costing you? Without support and trying to learn everything on your own, I can confidently say that the best case scenario will be completing your course within 6 months (although the unfortunate truth is that a high percentage of people who intend to create a course never follow through because all the pieces involved become overwhelming).

So if we take the most optimistic approach…

Let’s say you plan to launch your course once a quarter. If it takes you 6 months longer to complete, you’d be missing out on revenue from two additional launches.

For easy math we’ll say the price for your course is $1000 and do some quick estimates…

Launch 1

Courses Sold: 20
Revenue: $20,000

Launch 2

Courses Sold: 30
Revenue: $30,000


And this doesn’t even take into consideration the opportunity cost of your time…
what you could have been doing besides months of research and trial and error?
Option 2: Hire an Agency
You can hire a company to design and develop your course for you. And if this is within budget then this is probably a better option for you so we can definitely help with that as well. Keep in mind, you still need to get your expertise out of your head. Unfortunately, no one else can do that for you!

You can join me in Online Courses Academy and keep your DIY independence but you also get my guidance, coaching and help along the way to plan, design, develop and launch your premium course.

Nutrition Solutions

Chris Cavallini


After working with her for two years we were able to scale the business from $1 million in annual revenue to over $7 million and we’re now surpassing $10 million. When I thought it couldn’t get any better, she showed me how incorporating an online course into our product suite could completely change the game.

This is taking my company to a level I did not think possible. Best business decision I’ve ever made hands down.


Magic Happens

"Megan helped me clear on the. the ideal combination of content, business model, and pricing for my online course. She is able to cut. right to the. heart of my core offer and bring all the pieces together into a workable plan that I'm excited about my members will love."
Geoff Zimpere
Mortgage marketing Institute
"I love working with Megan. I've been impressed with the ease she can explain things and understanding exactly what needs to be done. The big bonus is her comprehensive knowledge of all the systems involved with creating an online course from WordPress, Leadpages, and Infusionsoft. It makes my life so much better!"
Chuck Gilmore
Power to Sing
"I really connected with Megan Harrison’s teaching style and professionalism. In just a few short hours Megan’s strategy helped me create a solid outline that I was confident my target market wanted to learn. She unveiled some sweet new tools to use and her program lit a fire under me to get my course off the ground! I like to check back in on the course from time to time because each time I go through it I get another jolt of motivation to put another program together."
Course Examples
Deanna Steele
Eat drink think well
"I don't think there's anything Megan doesn't know when it comes to creating online courses. She was able to direct our entire management team step-by-step on exactly what was needed to create the Brief Practitioner Course and our Brief Certification Program for corporate leadership. There are very few people who are able to explain complex launch strategies in a way that even "non-techies" can understand. It would have been nearly impossible to create our programs without her guidance."
Megan Palicki
The Brief Lab

14 Day



Complete the entire course and if you’re not making major strides toward creating your course, let me know, and I’ll return every cent of your investment.

However, if you commit to putting in the work, I am confident you’ll find what you’re looking for with Online Courses Academy because everything taught within this program comes from years of experience across a very wide range of industries.

This system has helped generate over $50 million dollars just in the past year and I’m completely confident that if you follow what I teach, you’ll see massive results as well.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with Online Courses Academy but if you’re not, simply email me within 14 days. If your account shows that you’ve completed the lessons and assignments, I’ll issue you a full refund.

P.S. I require that you actually prove you’ve done the work because if you do, I know you’ll get results. If you plan on joining, looking around the course and hope that the fairy tooth fairy is going to come and magically complete your course for you, please don’t buy this course. You will be sadly mistaken.

The people I want to serve and the ones who will see success are those that understand the significance productizing your knowledge can be and therefore are committed to following through, putting in the work and then reaping the rewards.

If that’s you, then I can’t wait to help take your business and life to the next level. Test out the course for 14 days, take action, and you’ll look back on tis as the best investment you’ve ever made.

Corporate Wellness Agent

Jeannine Moran

"I seriously couldn’t have done this without you and Online Courses Academy! THANK YOU!!!"

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How long does the course take to complete?

As soon as you sign up for Online Courses Academy you’ll get full access to the content included in the version you purchased. Therefore, you can go through the material at your own pace. It’s difficult to say how long it will take you to actually complete your course because there are a lot of variables the come into play such as how many modules your course will be and how much time you can invest each week into completing it.

For most customers, the bulk of the time is spent in the content creation phase which includes recording your video lessons, creating slides presentations and worksheets.

In addition to that, the complete course creation project plan significantly expedites the process because instead of wasting a ton of time trying to figure out what to do next, you have a clear roadmap to follow so your time can be used efficiently 🙂

02. What makes Online Courses Academy different?

There are several ways that Online Courses Academy is different.

First, as I mentioned before, creating online courses is the core focus of my entire business. It’s what my team and I do pretty much all day every day.

It’s one thing to be able to create a successful course for your own business but it takes a solid system to be able to do this repeatedly across many different industries. This system has been developed throughout years of trial and error and identifying what differentiates the courses that have seen massive success and those that have fallen short.

By joining Online Courses Academy you’ll get access to this system to ensure that your course is structured the RIGHT way.

In addition to that, I’ll just be flat out honest and say that 90% of courses out there are flat out ugly. I truly believe that design does matter, especially in a market that is becoming more and more saturated.

Superior design increases the perceived value of your course and sets you apart from your competition.

That’s why I’ve invested a ton of time and effort into providing you with the resources, templates and training that will allow you to produce a high quality design.

03. What's the difference between creating your own course and creating a course for others?

A: There are a decent amount of people selling online courses on how to create an online course. And some of these people have even had great success in creating and selling THEIR OWN online courses.

But unlike them, I’ve been able to consistently produce highly profitable online courses for entrepreneurs across a wide array of industries.

There is a big difference between successfully creating your own courses and successfully being able to reproduce that success consistently with other people’s courses. It’s the difference between knowing something very well and being able to teach and sell it.

This is something that requires an iron clad SYSTEM and a true understanding of what it takes to create a premium online course.

I know that the people who win in this game are the people who are able to produce results for their customers, and therefore can charge whatever price they set because people are willing to pay for speed.

04. How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course as long it’s in existence! The great thing about this program is that it isn’t a one and done kind of thing.

You’ll continue to benefit from the course each time you return back to the material and improve certain aspects of your own course.

Plus, chances are that after you create your first course you’ll soon be ready to create another! When the times comes, simply return back to this course to go through it again for your new program.

This is when things get really exciting because you can begin to build sales funnels and drastically increase the customer lifetime value.

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