10 tips to maximize your ROI on Attending Live Events

When you take a look at the cost involved with attending live events, those numbers can really add up. I realized just how big of an investment it was when I saw the final number for business travel on my latest tax return… geez! And while this final total from the various events attended throughout the year induced a little …

How to structure and outline your course the right way

What differentiates courses that are a massive success and those that struggle to make just a few sales? It all comes down to really understanding the purpose of a course and structuring it in a specific way that supports that purpose. We’re going to accomplish this by using a simple framework called the Result Centered Training FormulaTM that turns a …

The 4 Phases of a Launch

Regardless of what launch strategy you use, whether it be a Jeff Walker style 4 part free video series, a webinar launch, or a 5-day challenge, there are typically 4 main phases of launching your online course. Each phase of a launch has different goals and they all work together to create a cohesive and successful course launch. Click below …

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How To Create Your Online Course Offer Strategy

The way you position your offer is a big determinant of the success of your launch. It also gives you the opportunity to substantially increase your profit margins by strategically offering a VIP version, upsells, down-sells and bonuses.

How to design worksheets for your online course using Canva

If you’re creating a flagship online course, then you will definitely need worksheets. Canva is a super simple cloud-based program you can use to create beautiful, professional looking PDF worksheets. In this video, I walk you through how to create the PDF below.

megan harrison 5 ways to market online course

5 Ways To Market Your Online Course

One of the biggest fears people have about creating an online course is the thought of creating this amazing program, pouring your heart and soul into building it, and then when it comes to launch day… NO SALES! Putting all that time and effort into something so near and dear to your heart, only to have no one see it …

megan harrison competitive analysis spreadsheet

Competitive Analysis Spreadsheet

So many people never move forward with creating there course because they think “I can’t create a course on the topic I wanted to because it already exists”. If you fall into this category here’s some great news…THAT’S BS! To be honest, I would be more concerned if there weren’t already profitable courses on your topic. This proves that there is indeed a market …

megan harrison online course payment plans

Should you offer payment plans for your online course?

Payment plans or no payment plans…that is the question… There’s no doubt about it, offering payment plans on your online course can drastically increase your sales. When you give your customer the option to make 12 monthly payments of $97 that $1,200 course just doesn’t seem quite as scary. But is it worth it? While the increase in sales is great, …