Launch Phases Recap

The purpose of these funnels is to move your prospect to the next stage of the sales process.

Core Campaigns You Need For Your Online Course

1. Targeted Lead Magnet + Upsell


1. Listbuilding
2. Segmentation
3. Strengthen the relationship
4. Cover the cost of paid advertising

Targeted lead magnet is a free piece of content that is created with a specific segment of your audience in mind. Meaning that if a person opts in for this particular lead magnet it would be safe to bet they have a specific need, desire or painpoint they want to solve. This allows you to tag that contact accordingly and use the information later on when you’re segmenting your audience into different sales funnels.

Here’s an example…
Client in the health and fitness industry has courses and programs for both muscle building and weight loss. So there are different lead magnets for each core segment. That way we can speak to those people differently in our messaging.

I have another client who is a relationship therapist and offers an online course that teaches how to improve your relationships. The same course is very applicable to both people in a relationship and people who are single but they are going to have very different buying triggers so we want to know which category they fall into so we can speak to them differently.

Same thing with my business. One segment of my target audience are people who are already selling online courses but they want to take their course to the next level. Another segment are people such as authors, speakers, coaches and consultants who are thinking about creating their first course because they want to break free from the trading time for money trap. They are going to be in different phases of the course creation process, therefore, they are going to resonate differently with marketing messages.

Successful marketing all comes down to getting the right message across to the right people at the right time. And this begins building the foundation to do so.

2. New Subscriber Campaign

The second objective of this campaign is to begin to build a relationship with your audience so they know, like and trust you… people do business with people they like and familiarity is the first step to likability.

Once someone becomes a subscriber you’ll want to and them to a new subscriber campaign where they’ll receive a series of emails and become more familiar with who you are and who you serve.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that you need a way to filter out the people who have already been through the new subscriber campaign because you don’t want to be sending the same welcome series over and over again if people are opting in for various lead magnets.

That’s where Infusionsoft’s decision diamond comes into play.

2. Pre-Pre-Launch Campaign with Segmentation


1. Listbuilding
2. Segmentation
3. Sale Conversions

Webinar or 4-part free video series

3. Affiliate Campaign

4. New Customer Onboarding Campaign

5. Declined Payment Automation

6. Testimonial Collector

7. Downsell or offer #2