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Design and Uploading Content

The first phase of the process is developing the infrastructure and functionality of the membership site. Once this is complete we can upload your course content and customize the design for your brand or you can choose to do this yourself. We provide training videos for both options. If you would like us to customize the design and upload your content check the option below. If you plan to do this yourself click the next button.

Our team will upload your program content and customize the design to match your brand's style guide.

You and your team will upload your content and customize for your brand.

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Additional Courses

How many additional courses do you needed developed on the memberhsip site?

Leave the slider at 0 if you only need one course developed. Each additional course is $3,500.

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Advanced Functionality

Our training platforms can deliver some pretty amazing features. Choose which functionality you would like to include.

Our licensing functionality can be incorporated within your program and allow you to sell group licenses to corporations, associations, and groups.

Many clients also have a monthly membership program in addition to their online programs. We can develop the membership on the same platform as your courses to encourage cross-sells and create a seamless user experience.

Increase user engagement by incorporating gamification, such as displaying leaderboards, awarding points and badges, and unlocking bonuses.

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Launch and Sales Pages

Aside from your membership site, you'll also need lead generation and sales pages to launch your programs. We provide completely done for you packages which include the design and development of the website pages plus the Infusionsoft campaigns to automate the process.

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