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We’re so glad you’re interested in working with us to design and develop your online course. We are excited to partner with you on this project and extremely confident in our ability to bring your vision to life.

But before we get there, here is a little more about us. Below is an overview of what we offer and how we work.

You can also view some of our recent work here.

Our Expertise

When you’re trying to find the right company to work with in a specific area I believe an important question to ask yourself is this:

“Is ‘insert topic’, their primary focus?”

The reason for this is that if it’s their core focus it means they have deep knowledge of the nuances and the subtleties it takes to be successful at it.

Designing, developing and launching programs like the one you wish to create is what we do all day, every day and over the years we’ve earned a reputation for creating training platforms that not only provide an exceptional user experience but also produce a visual presence that commands attention.

When you choose us, you get:

A proven system. We understand that speed of implementation is critical in business. Our streamlined workflow is proven to consistently produce the highest quality end product in a fraction of the amount of time.

High quality platforms. We develop courses on the most flexible and reliable platforms available – WordPress using either Infusionsoft along with Memberium Membership Plugin and LearnDash LMS, or Memberpress Membership Plugin and LearnDash LMS.

An experienced team. We count on years of experience, millions of dollars generated, and our Infusionsoft, Memberium, and PlusThis Certified Partner status.

Your Choices

We offer three service choices to design and develop your online course.

Option One…

Custom Design & Development

Starting at $12,000
Timeline: 6 – 8 weeks

The Custom Design & Development choice is our top-of-the-line service. Using a proven three-step process, we create a detailed blueprint, a unique style and an infrastructure for your online course from scratch. If you are looking for customization, advanced design, and additional functionality, this option is for you.

1. The Course Blueprint Session

To build a fully customized course, we build a fully customized game plan. The process starts with a two-hour virtual meeting where we’ll work together to crystalize your vision your vision for the project and identify the steps required to bring that vision to life.

Upon completion of our meeting, we will finalize your vision blueprint, the scope of work and timeline.

2. The Course Design

Exemplary user experience meets the exact needs of the customer with simplicity and elegance. This leads to higher engagement and better results for your customers.

To accomplish this we begin with planning out the course architecture with a sitemap and creating wireframes that will help to visualize the flow of the customer experience.

When the page structure is approved we move forward with designing your pages.

3. The Course Membership Site

In the final step of the process, we handle the technical work. Your course membership site is developed with the exact functionality you need. The final product will be a fully streamlined platform that is visually stunning.

Option Two…

Customized Template

Investment: Starting at $5,000
Timeline: 3 – 4 weeks

The second version utilizes a beautiful course template we’ve designed for the page layouts and structure of your course. The style is then customized to fit your brand by implementing your style guide colors, fonts, and imagery.

Check out an example of what our Customized Template choice gives you by signing up for a course demo here.

The Process
1. Content

We start by giving you structure for your content. We provide you with a spreadsheet that breaks down the content you will need to create a successful, profitable online course. That breakdown includes:

  • Course outline (the names of your modules and lessons for your course)
  • Links to your videos
  • Links to your worksheets
  • Copy for the website pages

When you have finished completing the spreadsheet, we proceed to the next step: strategy.

2. Strategy Call

Once we have your completed content spreadsheet, we hold a strategy call with you and our team. During the call, we’ll review your content together and ask/answer any clarifying questions.

We’ll end the call by giving you an overview of what is next: actually building your course.

3. Development

During the final step, we’ll customize the course template for your brand and unique course. The course will be developed on WordPress using X-theme, LearnDash and either Memberium or Memberpress membership plugin.

X- theme allows for advanced customization and it is very easy to learn how to use because it has a front-end drag and drop builder.

When the project is finalized we’ll transfer the site to your hosting account, and point everything to a domain or subdomain of your choice.


The full package you receive includes:

  • 1. Login Page
    2. Forgot Password
    3. Course Homepage
    4. Module Page (Up to 8 modules included)
    5. Support Page
  • 6. Account Page
    7. Bonuses Page
    8. Coaching Call Recordings or Resource Page
    9. Terms of Use
    10. Privacy Policy

You can view all the pages that are included within the template course option.

This pdf outlines the project details: Course design and development project pdf.

Payment Options

1. $2,500 due at the project start and $2,500 due upon completion.

2. Flex pay option: 6 monthly payments of $1,000 per month.

Additional Options

Additional functionality can also be added to your project such as a course library page, gamification, and a social platform to take your course to the next level.

Option Three…

Online Courses Academy

Investment: $2,000

If you are looking for a full do-it-yourself option, the Online Course Academy is the choice for you.

Online Courses Academy is a full implementation program on– you guessed it – how to create an online course. Through six modules, this program teaches you everything you need to build your own highly profitable online course.

Next Steps…

If you would like to discuss either option in more detail please choose a time that works best for you by clicking the button below.

You can also view some of our recent work on our portfolio at:

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